The Government of Urtaran classifies the installation of portable toilets at neighborhood parties as "political positioning" •

2022-07-11 22:07:33 By : Mr. Kunka Luo

Several party organizations point out that the municipal government is not going to keep a promiseMore than twelve organizations of the Vitoria-Gasteiz neighborhood festivals denounce that the City Council will not fulfill one of its promises: to install portable chemical toilets at the city's neighborhood festivals.According to incidents, in May 2021 the groups requested the placement of this type of bathroom to avoid the dirt that people urinate in the street and avoid exposing women to having to go to unsafe corners.In the statement they point out that "the city council has not responded to the commitment it acquired" despite the fact that "it has been requested in writing to the technical person in charge of the department."The matter was also discussed in the Municipal Commission, but they have not received a response either.In this Commission, the majority of the votes were in favor (and the rest abstained) of the installation of chemical toilets, but the parties that make up the government [PNV and PSE-EE] crossed out the proposal of "political positioning" and that it they were going to compromise the decision of the Government.Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I write a commentFrom Vitoria-Gasteiz Gasteiz Berri.All rights reserved © 2022