20-ft tiny house sleeps two, three with a squeeze

2022-06-15 12:39:18 By : Ms. Rayna Wang

The latest model from French tiny house firm Baluchon measures just 6 m (19.6 ft) long. Despite its compact dimensions (Minimaliste's Magnolia V6 is almost twice the size, for example), the home can serve as a full-time residence for up to two people and shoehorns in a spare sleeping space for a guest too. The interior layout is simple and quite basic, though one notable feature is a skylight in the loft bedroom positioned so the owner can fall asleep while stargazing.

Named Tiny House Nottingham in honor of its Anglophile owner, the towable dwelling is based on a standard double-axle trailer. It's finished in cedar, with quite a lot of glazing that helps naturally light the interior of the home. Insulation is a mixture of cotton, linen, and hemp, and it gets power from a standard RV-style hookup.

Visitors enter into the living room, which contains a window seat that doubles as a guest bed in a pinch and has some integrated shelving and a large drawer underneath for storage. There's also a coffee table nearby and a small wood-burning stove that provides warmth, along with a small electric heater.

Notwithstanding the nation's reputation for culinary excellence, most of the French tiny houses we've seen have a very basic kitchen by North American tiny house standards – perhaps they're all eating out in those wonderful French restaurants – and this is indeed the case with the Tiny House Nottingham, too. It's packing a simple two-burner propane stove (no oven), a sink, fridge, and a washer/dryer, plus some storage space. The kitchen also connects to a compact bathroom with a shower and toilet.

The single loft bedroom in the Tiny House Nottingham is reached by storage-integrated staircase, and sleeps two. This is a standard tiny house-style bedroom with limited headroom. There's also a skylight which Baluchon says is positioned so that the owner can fall asleep watching the stars, which is a nice touch, though those serious about stargazing might be more satisfied with Optinid's sliding roof models.

The tiny house has been delivered to its owner in Vendôme, central France. We've no word on the price, though previous Baluchon models have fetched around €60,000 (roughly US$72,000).